Change and Continuity: SNIS Annual Report 2016

Annual Report

The year 2016 has been a year of continuity and change at the same time. The SNIS adapts and changes as its network grows despite fewer resources. The SNIS Annual Report 2016 reflects this spirit and offers a refreshed layout. 
The federal and cantonal authorities decided to continue their support for the next four years. Many researchers in our community welcome this good news since available research funds in international studies have become increasingly precarious.
The continuity has also made possible thanks to the meticulous work of our different internal committees. Jacques Silber, who chaired the SNIS Scientific Committee over several years offers a look behind the scenes and gives some hints for a successful project submission. 
The novelty that has come in 2016 is mainly on an institutional level: The SNIS opened up to include the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, and the University of St. Gallen in its decision-making body, in addition to the University of Geneva, the Graduate Institute and the World Trade Institute (University of Bern), whose directors and/or rectors are represented in the SNIS Governing Committee. 
An adaptation to cope with fewer resources has undergone during the past year and the SNIS is functioning with team of three people. We will have to be innovative to maintain and even expand our activities in the future. As for this year: continuity and change will go hand in hand.
SNIS Annual Report