International Geneva Award 2017


The International Geneva Award has been established to distinguish three academic articles that are are particularly relevant for International Organizations. The Award is a prestigious prize that encourages scientists to reach out to International Geneva. 


The articles must be in the domain of international studies (pluridisciplinary academic studies on issues that transcend national borders). The authors must specify the relevance of their work for International Organisations in the submission form. The applications will be reviewed by the SNIS International Geneva Committee (IGC)


Each awarded paper will receive CHF 5000.-.




  1. Articles must have been published after Sept 1st 2016. Forthcoming articles are also accepted if a publisher confirmation can be supplied.
  2. The research described in the paper must be in the field of International Studies, as defined above.
  3. Entrants must be professors or researchers at a post-doctoral level working in a Swiss university at the time of the paper’s publication. They need not be citizens or residents of Switzerland. Only one submission per person per year (or group of persons in the case papers are co-authored) is allowed.
  4. Papers must be submitted in one of the four following languages: English, French, German or Italian, with a substantive abstract in English. All material in another language must have a full translation in English, French, German or Italian included in the submission, as well as a substantive abstract in English.
  5. Papers written as part of a SNIS funded research project are not eligible.
  6. Papers written by members of the International Geneva Committee and their families, as well as members of the Governing Committee are not eligible.


Application procedure

  • Click on the "Submit here" link below.
  • Fill in all the necessary submission fields. You have the option to 'save as a draft'and come back to the form later.
  • Submit the form:
    IMPORTANT: the submission is final i.e. once you have submitted the form you will no longer be able to edit it!
  • After your successful submission you will receive a confirmation email.
  • Applicants submitting a forthcoming paper must additionally submit a proof of publication approval.


Submission deadline: 21st September 2017 12:00 CET


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