International Geneva Award Winners

International Geneva Award 2016

Seeking Sustainability Leadership

published in: The Journal of Corporate Citizenship, Issue 60, December 2016

Jem Bendell (University of Geneva / Institute for Leadership and Sustainability, University of Cumbria)
Richard Little (Institute for Leadership and Sustainability,  University of Cumbria)


The adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015 renewed the international community's commitment to seeking progress by integrating interests on environment and development. They were launched with a call for more action to secure advances in poverty alleviation, amongst other social goals.

Sustainable livelihoods in the global land rush? Archetypes of livelihood vulnerability and sustainability potentials

Publication forthcoming in: Global Environmental Change

Authors: Christoph Oberlack,a,b , Laura Tejadaa, Peter Messerlia,b, Stephan Rista,b, Markus Gigera

aUniversity of Bern, Centre for Development and Environment
bUniversity of Bern, Institute of Geography


Large-scale land acquisitions (LSLAs) have become a cornerstone of current transformations of agro–food–energy systems at a global scale. LSLAs involve the transfers of rights to use, control, or own land from smallholder households or communities to corporate actors (e.g. commercial firms, public investment funds) through sale, lease, or concession of large areas, typically larger than 200 hectares.




The New Gold Standard? Empirically Situating the Trans-Pacific Partnership in the Investment Treaty Universe

Published in: The Journal of World Investment and Trade, Volume 17 (2016), pages 333-373


Wolfgang Alschner, The Graduate Institute, Geneva and World Trade Institute, Bern
Dimitriy Skougarevskiy, European University, St. Petersburg and the Graduate Institute, Geneva


The article features a novel approach in transposing techniques from computer science to the analysis of law. The submitted contribution was the first to empirically situate the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement in the universe of international investment agreements two months after the first publication of its text.


International Geneva Award 2015

The jury, composed of members of the International Geneva Committee, attributed the 2015 International Geneva Award to the following peer reviewed articles in the field of international studies. These articles were selected out of eighteen submissions received. Each paper will be awarded with a prize amounting to CHF 5'000.





Crisis-Proof Services: Why Trade in Services did not Suffer During the 2008-2009 Collapse

Published in: Journal of International Economics, 2016, Vol. 98, pp. 138-149

Author: Andrea Ariu, Institute of Economics and Econometrics, University of Geneva


During the 2008-2009 crisis, trade in goods fell by almost 30%. In contrast, trade in business, telecommunication and financial services continued growing at their pre-crisis rates and only services related to transport declined. 


Conflicts of Interest in International Organizations: Evidence from two United Nations Humanitarian Agencies

Published in: Public Administration (PADM), 2015, Vol. 93, Issue 4


Valentina Mele, Bocconi University

Simon Anderfuhren-Biget, University of Geneva

Frédéric Varone, University of Geneva


The independence of International Civil Servants (ICSs) from their country of origin is often presumed but rarely accounted for empirically. This paper investigates whether ICSs face conflicts between national and international interests and which conditions are more conducive to the manifestation of this conflict in International Organizations.


Scaling the Local: Canada’s Rideau Canal and Shifting World Heritage Norms

Publication forthcoming in: Journal of World History 26, n°3


Aurélie Gfeller, The Graduate Institute, Geneva

Jaci Eisenberg, The Graduate Institute, Geneva


Challenges to the predominantly European conception of heritage enshrined in the 1972 World Heritage Convention arose in the early 1990s, both from the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) and its member states. In 1992, the Friends of the Rideau, a Canadian non-governmental organisation in charge of the eponymous canal’s heritage, launched a campaign to inscribe their site on the UNESCO World Heritage List.




International Geneva Award 2014

The members of the International Geneva Committee, acting as the jury, attributed the 2014 International Geneva Award to the following peered reviewed articles in the field of international studies. These articles were selected out of eighteen submissions received. In their assessment, the jury highlighted the original approach, aspects of interdisciplinarity and, above all, direct policy relevance to International Organisations.




Boomerangs to Partnerships ? Explaining State Participation in Transnational Partnerships for Sustainability

Published in: Comparative Political Studies, March 2014, vol. 47, no 3, pages 481-515

Author: Liliana B. Andonova

This article examines under what conditions states engage in transnational public–private partnerships for the environment. While there is hardly a disagreement in the literature on the rise of transnational actors and new modes of collaborative governance, their interaction with and impact on state institutions remain debated and insufficiently illuminated by empirical research.



Strategic Mass Killings

Publication forthcoming in the Journal of Political Economy


Joan Esteban, Institut dí Analisis Economica,
CSIC and Barcelona GSE
Massimo Morelli, Columbia University and NBER
Dominic Rohner, University of Lausanne


Civil wars are often paved with atrocities and massive killings of civilian non-combatant population, forcing large-scale displacements of entire ethnic groups. Libya, Syria, Iraq, or Ukraine, are pertinent contemporary examples. Irrational hatred is often invoked as primary explanation of such an inhuman behavior.


International and Supranational Law in Translation: From Multilingual Lawmaking to Adjudication

Published in: The Translator, Vol. 20, Iss. 3, 2014, pages 313-331

Author: Fernando Prieto Ramos, Centre for Legal and Institutional Translation Studies, University of Geneva


This paper analyses the defining features of legal translation in the development of international and supranational law, taking a comparative approach between different organisations, particularly the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, the European Union and their respective adjudicative bodies.



International Geneva Award 2013

The Jury, composed of members of the International Geneva Committee, selected following peer reviewed articles, deemed particularly relevant for International Organisations. Each paper will be awarded with a prize amounting to CHF 5'000. The launch of the next edition of the International Geneva Award will take place at the end of 2014.



How Can African Agriculture Adapt to Climate Change? A Counterfactual Analysis from Ethiopia

Published in: Land Economics - November 2013, No 83, pages 761-784.


Authors: Salvatore Di Falco (Professor of Environmental Economics, University of Geneva) and Marcella Veronesi (University of Verona - Institute for Environmental Decisions, ETH Zurich).


Effective adaptation of agriculture to climate change is crucial to achieve food security in Sub-Saharan Africa. This part of Africa is characterised by millions of small-scale subsistence farmers who farm land and produce food in extremely challenging conditions.

Infant surrounded by protective malaria net_World Bank

Evaluating Nationwide Health Interventions: Malawi's Insecticide Treated Net Distribution Program

published in: Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A, Volume 177, Issue 2, pages 523 – 552 – February 2014


Authors: Eva Deuchert (Center for Disability and Integration, University of St. Gallen), and Conny Wunsch (Department of Economics, VU University Amsterdam).


With 216 million malaria cases worldwide in 2010, 174 million of which in Africa, malaria is a major health problem. Fighting malaria is thus a key priority for many countries. Various countries have implemented ITN distribution schemes to fight the disease.

The Politics of Loan Pricing in Multilateral Development Banks

Published in: Review of International Political Economy, 

Volume 21, Issue 3, pages 611-639, 2014


Author: Chris Humphrey, Center for Comparative and International Studies (CIS), University of Zürich.

This paper explores the political factors that determine the price of loans offered by borrowing countries by multilateral development banks (MDBs). The reasons why MDBs set their prices at a given level and why those prices might vary from one MDB to another has received scant attention in academia, even though inexpensive loan costs are the primary reason countries borrow from MDBs.

International Geneva Award 2012

The Academic Council of International Geneva, acting as a Jury, carefully evaluated the submitted articles according to criteria such as originality of research, strong methodology, interdisciplinary aspects and above all, immediate policy relevance for International Organisations. Three articles – among twenty submission, unanimously convinced the Jury.


Given the tight competition among the submitted articles, the Jury decided to attribute a special mention to the article Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility in Private Banking: Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Joining the Wolfsberg Initiative Against Money Laundering” submitted by Martino Maggetti (University of Zürich).

The International Geneva Award 2012 is attributed to the authors of the following three articles:


The Peaceful Conspiracy: Bond Markets and International Relations During the Pax Britannica

published in: International Organization 66, Spring 2012, pp. 211-41


Authors: Marc Flandreau (Graduate Institute for International and Development Studies, Geneva) and Juan Flores (Institute Paul Bairoch of Economic History, and Department of Economic Sciences, University of Geneva)


Factors Determining the Adoption and Impact of a Postharvest Storage Technology

published in: Food Security, Volume 4, Number 2 (2012), pp 279-293

Authors: Raushan Bokusheva and Robert Finger (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH, Zürich), Martin Fischler (HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation, Bern, Switzerland), Robert Berlin (Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture, Basel, Switzerland), Yuri Marin, Francisco Pérez, Francisco Paiz (Institute of Applied Research and Local Development (Nitplan), Managua, Nicaragua


Climate Change and International Water Conflict in Central Asia

published in: Journal of Peace Research, January 2012 (49)1, 227 - 239


Authors:Thomas Bernauer (ETH Zürich, Center for Comparative and International Studies, and Institute for Environmental Decisions) and Tobias Siegfried (hydrosolutions GmbH, Zürich)


International Geneva Award 2011

The International Geneva Award has been established to encourage outstanding research scientists to produce publications that are particularly relevant for International Organisations. The Award is a prestigious academic distinction specifically created to promote links between Swiss academics and International Geneva. The Award is attributed to the three best papers published on a subject related to International Studies and especially useful from the perspective of the Academic Council of International Geneva. Each awarded paper is valued with CHF 5'000.

The Winners of the 2011 Edition of the International Geneva Award

The award Jury, composed of members of the Academic Council of International Geneva, selected the following three articles that convinced by their originality, the strong methodology and direct relevance for International Organizations.

Democracy promotion through functional cooperation? The case of the European Neighbourhood Policy

Forthcoming in: Democratization, Volume 18, Issue 4, Pages 1026 to 1054, August 2011


Dr. Tina Freyburg, Centre for Comparative and International Studies, ETH Zurich
Prof. Sandra Lavenex, Institute for Political Sciences, University of Lucerne
Prof. Frank Schimmelfennig, Centre for Comparative and International Studies, ETH Zurich
Dr. Tatiana Skripka, KFG "The Transformative Power of Europe", Free University of Berlin, and
Dr. Anne Wetzel, Centre for EU Studies, Ghent University, Belgium

International law and armed non-state actors in Afghanistan

Published in: International Review of the Red Cross, Volume 93, Number 881, March 2011


Dr. Annyssa Bellal,
Gilles Giacca and
Dr. Stuart Casey-Maslen

Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights

Pathology of Path-Dependency?

The ILO and the Challenge of "New Governance"

forthcoming in the Industrial and Labor Relations Review


Prof. Lucio Baccaro, Sociology Department, University of Geneva
Dr. Valentina Mele, Dept. of Institutional Analysis and Public Management, Bocconi University, Milan